School Council

Half Acres Primary Academy has an active School Council that is composed of two representatives from each year group (Year 1 to Year 6).  We believe in developing pupil voice and value highly the contributions that they make to our school.

Every year elections are held at the end of September and the outgoing Council induct the new members into the practices and procedures of the School Council.

During September, prospective candidates for the posts are nominated by their peers, who then make posters to promote their skills, qualities and campaign policies to the rest of the school.  The candidates also make key-note speeches in their classes.  Everyone in the school can then vote for two representatives in their year group, which they make on ballot papers on Election Day.  The results are then counted and the successful candidates are announced to the school.  At the first official meeting a Chair, Vice Chair and a Secretary are elected.

The school council meets once a week, and considers many aspects of school life.  They also regularly discuss school issues and factors affecting teaching and learning and share information through presentations in assemblies.  They aim to raise money through a range of activities which is then used to purchase equipment and enhancements across school, and to support various charities.