Vision & Values

Aspiring to Achieve – Enriching Lives

At Half Acres Primary School, we believe that a good education can positively transform children’s lives. A strong academic education is at the core of what we do, but we also know that education is about so much more than this so that the whole child is nurtured and prepared for later life. Our curriculum is designed to develop the whole child with our curriculum aims threaded throughout each year.

At Half Acres Primary School we will:

  • Enable our children to have high aspirations for a successful future, built on strong academic foundations
  • Broaden horizons through a rich curriculum that promotes language development and real-life learning
  • Equip children to be self-confident learners who are resilient
  • Enable everyone to be proud of our individuality, respect our diversity and be proud of our heritage
  • Empower children to lead positive lives that are physically and mentally healthy

To achieve this we will:

  • Ensure that children have access to a coherently planned, vocabulary rich and knowledge rich curriculum that builds their knowledge, skills and vocabulary in a meaningful way
  • Ensure that no child is prevented from accessing this curriculum as a result of social, cultural, physical or economic disadvantage
  • Ensure that children have a rich diet of experiences that build on their academic learning and support their personal development
  • Promote Fundamental British Values and pay careful attention to supporting each child to develop personally and socially so that they can interact positively with others
  • Teach children about their own physical and mental health and how they can stay physically and mentally healthy