Equality Objectives


At Half Acres Primary Academy, we believe that diversity is a strength which should be respected and celebrated by all those who are part of our academy community. We are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all children. Inclusion at Half Acres is about providing equality and excellence in order to promote the highest possible standards and enable all children to achieve their full potential. We aim to recognise and celebrate differences that exist amongst us, that we treat all people fairly and that we strive to eliminate discrimination wherever it might exist.   We ensure that these intentions are known and understood by all staff and governors and wherever appropriate to all children and parents.

The Principles Underlying This Statement:

Discrimination against any of the protected characteristics is unacceptable within the academy.  All of the school community will ensure that the academy is a content and caring environment and where respect for and appreciation of each other as individuals is a priority. Our primary focus is to educate, develop and prepare all our children for life in a diverse society and life in modern day Britain.

Equality Objectives

Half Acres Primary Academy will annually review alongside governance to analyse how well we achieve these aims with regard to the protected groups under the Equality Act (2010) (race, disability, gender, gender re-assignment, age, pregnancy and maternity, marital status, religion and belief and sexual orientation).

We aim to provide the highest possible education for all of our students; the values based ethos of our academy clearly reflects our commitment to fully including and respecting all members of our academy and community.